Thanks to a blatantly anti-LGBT law that is somehow still a law despite this being the year 2016, the state of North Carolina has lost an NBA All-Star game, several big ticket NCAA events, and the respect of the civilized world. The law dictates that individuals must use bathrooms consistent with the sex on their birth certificate and allows businesses to refuse service to anyone based on their sexual preference. We’re confident that our viewers think this law is utterly preposterous but just in case you’re a total scuz bag, The Daily Show made an effort to demonstrate how silly it truly is.
Roy Wood Jr. brought Jordan Klepper to North Carolina to put the law to the test using a food truck, a delicious array of BBQ, and some good old fashioned discrimination. They activated their respective gaydars to determine whether their customers were gay or not, refusing service to anyone whose “gay taste buds aren’t calibrated to enjoy straight mac and cheese”.
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