In most situations, a major media company asking regular people for footage of their daily lives would be considered downright sketchy. But we assure you that we have the best of intentions when encouraging you to grab a camera and shoot yourself living your Canadian life tomorrow, September 10, as part of the Canada In A Day project.
We’re looking to celebrate Canada’s next birthday (its 150th!) by going above and beyond the usual getting drunk in its honour and kissing its nutrient-rich soil. This time around we’re going to shine the spotlight on the people of Canada that make ours the number one country in the world according to LANDMASS Magazine. We’re hoping to get millions of video submissions from everyday Canadians that will be combined to create a massive snapshot of Canada on a single day, to be aired on CTV next year.  
No matter how boring your life is, we want to see it! To help get you started, here are a bunch of Canadian things you can film yourself, or your fellow citizens doing once the clock strikes September 10:
Eating an entire Jar of real Canadian mayonnaise within the friendly confines of one of our many Legions.
Dancing to the smooth sounds of Montreal construction.
Visiting a casino and put all your Canadian money on “red”.
Teaching your child its Kim Mitchell song, proceeded by an explanation that it was actually Pye Dubois who wrote all the lyrics.
Yelling at your neighbour’s dog to shut up for once then apologizing by showing it where the even more annoying cat lives.
Driving across the border to buy cheap gas, then driving back to purchase reasonably priced bags of milk with your savings.
Screaming at Americans across Niagara Falls that their falls are totally weak then hiding in a Clifton Hill haunted house when you realize they’re coming to get you.
Profile an Alberta cow before it’s turned into Alberta beef.

Check out the website for more tips and ideas, and if you’ve ignored everything we’ve said so far, here’s Russell Peters with an easily digestible video that explains everything in a much funnier way: