We can’t blame you for being skeptical of any news surrounding The Beaverton, which recently launched a shiny new website complete with high definition graphics and the latest fonts. Its consistent flow of hilarious fake news stories makes it extremely difficult to trust, but we assure you that this latest announcement is 100% accurate unless they’ve decided to pull a complex gag on us, one of Canada’s most powerful media corporations.  
We are pleased to disclose that the televised version of The Beaverton has officially started production and is slated to begin transmission into Canadian homes this November. A promo meant to quell any suspicions of the project aired last night featuring anchors Emma Hunter and Miguel Rivas. If you do not own a TV for religious reasons or otherwise, here it is:

Field pieces have already started shooting in the news-rich Ontario hamlets of Toronto and Hamilton. Though these shoots are strictly off-limits to the general public, there is an opportunity to be a part of the show by joining the studio audience when Miguel and Emma take to the news desk starting September 24. Tickets are now available at
beavertonlive@gmail.com so grab yours now, gift them to a friend and pretend like you had to pay a lot of money for them.
Be sure to check out the new website now featuring video and even more original digital content, and stay tuned for more exciting, real announcements regarding the 13 episode TV show that we’re hoping will become the greatest Canadian thing since this: