Right now, at this very moment, hundreds of women across the globe are pregnant with new humans, ready to complete the circle of life that began when they themselves were expelled from the safe confines of their mother’s things. The concept may be beautiful but the reality is fraught with mental and physical challenges including barf, back pain, a total lack of understanding from the opposite sex, and fear that your child will turn out to be a total nerd. But none of these symptoms are absolute as the experience can differ from person to person—one woman’s craving for pickles and ice cream is another woman’s desire to watch Wings on mute.

The concept is explored in the latest digital sketch from Toronto sketchresses, The Templeton Philharmonic, comprised of Gwynne Phillips and Briana Templeton. In the following vid, the pair find themselves pregnant at a baby shower, conversing about their respective situations and how different they are. This being a comedy sketch, things get weird with one of the women having a decidedly darker experience than the other. Check it out:

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