The person who updates The Nightly Show’s Wikipedia page was forced to make a major modification today, as the Hollywood Reporter has Hollywood reported that Comedy Central has cancelled the show after two seasons.
The final episode will air this Thursday, ending a hearty yet frustratingly short run for Larry Wilmore and his team of diverse voices. The show premiered back in January of 2015 in a time when Jon Stewart was still captaining The Daily Show, and the Rio Olympics were still very early in the “attempting to clear the river of poo” stage.
According the Comedy Central head Kent Alterman, the cancelation has nothing to do with the show itself, but rather its inability to resonate with fans. “Sadly, we’ve been hoping against hope that it would start to resonate in any of those quarters and we just weren’t seeing evidence of it. As much as we like Larry and the uniqueness of the show and the voices that are on the show — not just in terms of ratings — it hasn't resonated in terms of our fans engaging with show with consuming or sharing content or having a dialogue about it on social platforms."

This will leave Comedy Central (and us) with a huge gap to fill in the tasty 11:30 timeslot that follows Trevor Noah’s Daily Show. If history is any indication we’re in for another chapter of late night dramedy where rumours and public pressure will make Alterman’s choice of replacement very difficult. If you’re like us and got giddy at the thought of maybe having former Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams take the job, go back to being sad because according to Alterman, Williams would make an excellent choice if not for her commitment to “developing a half-hour weekly scripted show”.
Comedy Central has been one of the best in the biz in terms of elevating deserving talent so we’re sure they’re going to make a great choice, but it would be refreshing to see another woman take on a new show after Samantha Bee stormed onto the late night scene and blew every male host out of the water with Full Frontal.
Stay tuned for more news and be sure to tune into the Nightly Show’s swan song starting tonight at 11:30ep and concluding on Thursday.