If you’ve been quietly seething with rage over the fact that Full Frontal hasn’t been on in a while, please refrain from sending us an angry transmission implying that it’s somehow our fault. The show’s been on a well-deserved break but will go back to school on September 12 at 10:30ep, ready for the final leg of the current U.S. Presidential race that feels like it’s been going on across at least five birthdays.

Those with a decent long term memory might recall an earlier chapter in the battle for the Eagle Throne that featured Gandalf-esque Senator Bernie Sanders taking the nation by storm with his talk of magical equality and mystic socialism. His brand of democratic wizardry gained him many a follower, some of whom are still seething over the fact that he lost the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton in what appeared  to be fair fight to most.

Those who aren’t the “most” have been dubbed “Bernie Bros” and maintain that Clinton’s primary victory was total BS. They are none too happy with Full Frontal’s failure to recognize such an injustice of democracy and have taken to the social media sphere to complain, which brings us to the clip promised in the headline.

In the latest Real or Fake, Sam reads Internet comments from Bernie’s brood and must determine whether they are, in fact, real or fake. Ready? Let’s watch together.