The 2016 Summer Olympics are well under way in the beautiful, but deadly, city of Rio, Brazil. Despite the green water, bus attacks, thefts, inclement weather, poo water, and Russian athletes, the games have turned out the way they always do with previously unknown athletes being vaulted into the international spotlight for a brief period before returning to anonymity and part-time jobs.
While amateur athletes from around the world have been working their butts off, a certain amateur presidential candidate has been flapping his mouth off, giving rise to a new event in the 2016 Daily Show Summer Games: “Let Me Explain What Donald Trump Really Means” Gymnastics.
On last night’s program, correspondents Roy Wood Jr. and Jordan Klepper covered the event in which ardent Trump supporters took to cable news to flip and flop their words in an effort to defend Trump from his recent second amendment comments that seemed to encourage the murder of Hillary Clinton. Will superstar Rudy Giuliani prevail over his lesser-known competition? Will Roy Wood ever get over his dog taking a dump in his prized Air Jordans? Find out below!