Seth Rogen and Jimmy Kimmel turned up in Montreal for the third round of roasting to judge the comedians who’d made it this far. Unsurprisingly, their appearance at JFL was not without controversy—Rogen skipped his North Korean trial to be there and Kimmel’s presence led him to learn some devastating news about Celine Dion. It was the most dramatic episode yet. Here’s your recap:

Match one: Mike Lawrence vs. Ralphie May

After May eviscerated the competition in his first battle, we were worried for Mike Lawrence—not that he’d lose, but that he’d fly back home to New York and spend a week or two deciding which bridge to jump off of. But then this happened:

Mike’s best burn: “Black people love Ralphie because he breaks through walls to give them Kool-Aid.”

Ralphie’s best burn: “Mike reminds me of Pepe Le Pew. He smells like shit and he’s rapey as fuck.”

Who won: Mike Lawrence

Who should have won: Lawrence was definitely the stronger competitor here. May turned in a much better performance in the previous round.

What the judges had to say: “If I was unemployed for eight years I would look like you.”—guest judge Seth Rogen commenting on the similarities between him and Mike Lawrence. Lawrence was then dubbed “unsuccessful Seth Rogen”, but hey, he won.

Match two: Sarah Tiana vs. Sam Morril

Look out, Sam Morril. There’s a new comedian making 9/11 jokes on this stage. And tossing in some Holocaust references and mom zingers while she’s at it. Still, this one came down to a sudden death tie-breaker.

Sarah’s best burn: “I’m old enough to be your mother, and just like your biological mother, in about five minutes, I’m never going to think about you again.”

Sam’s best burn: “Sarah loved Seth Rogen in The Night Before. Mostly because she’s never seen a guy the morning after.”

Who won: Sarah Tiana

Who should have won: Morril pulled out all the stops with a joke that flattered the movie career of one of the guest judges but he still couldn’t come out on top. Tiana earned this one.

What the judges had to say: “That last joke was a thing of beauty.”—Seth Rogen, on Tiana’s biological mom burn.

Match three: Tony Hinchcliffe vs. K. Trevor Wilson

Canada’s last/only chance at Roast Battle glory had to face an LA comic in a full suit of armour with only his words for weapons. Lannister vs. Flintstone was a fight we won’t forget.

Tony’s best burn: “K. Trevor looks like a guy who uses the N-word a lot. And that N-word is Nom-nom-nom-nom-nom.”

K. Trevor’s best burn: “You look like you could write a great coffee table book on how to hide an erection at a child’s birthday party.”

Who won: K. Trevor Wilson

Who should have won: Dear Tony, you’ll never get anywhere in Canada by making fun of our healthcare system. By doing so, you earned this loss.

What the judges had to say: Dubbing this match “Gay of Thrones” in honour of Hinchcliffe’s battle dress, Jeff Ross said he was imagining the defeated comedian dejectedly trying to pass through airport security in his armour on the way back to LA.

Match four: Jimmy Carr vs. Earl Skakel

The best-dressed man in Roast Battle took on the half-dressed man in Roast Battle, but the latter may have thrown him off-balance with a simple toss of a clipboard.

Jimmy’s best burn: Praising the generosity of Skakel’s long-dead grandfather, Carr quipped, “He’s been dead for 61 years and to this day he still pays the rent of a 47-year-old loser he never met.”

Earl’s best burn: “You look like you work at Hogwarts. Which is what girls get when they fuck you.”

Who won: Earl Skakel

Who should have won: The judges admitted that while Carr’s jokes were more consistently funny, Skakel brought the higher highs. Guess it comes down to how you feel about clipboards.

What the judges had to say: “From a costuming standpoint, Earl has the edge.”—guest judge Jimmy Kimmel on Skakel’s overfed Steven Tyler vibe.

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