The streets are beginning to empty, and comedians from around the world are beginning to exit Montreal en route to their everyday lives that are probably a lot like the lives they live in Montreal where they drink and do comedy a lot. We’re here until tomorrow because we gotta see tonight’s LIVE Roast Battle finale starting at 10ep on Comedy and in real life here at Just For Laughs.

We had another rock solid day yesterday where we got to speak with Aisha Alfa who you’ll see in The Beaverton this fall, and Canadian make-up artist Colin Mochrie! They were both a pleasure to chat with, so much so that we’ve already memorized each entire conversation and will be reciting it to our families upon our return.

We were very lucky to be able to attend a special screening of the world’s first CG animated R-Rated movie, Sausage Party, complete with red carpet festivities and a post-show Q&A. We would’ve been totally satisfied had the event starred the film’s dedicated team of caterers, publicists, and lawyers, but were blown away to have Seth Rogen, Judd Apatow, Kristen Wiig, and the film’s writers and directors on hand to tell us what’s up with it instead. We’ll post a cool Q&A summary and a review of the film later so don’t turn off your computer until that happens. By the way, if you need a new phone we’re running a Sausage Party contest where you can win one.

That pretty much does it for us at Just For Laughs this year. If you’ve been reading this we hope you’re totally jealous, but not so jealous that you’re going to stalk and murder us. Stay tuned for the fruits of our labour including interviews and little filmed bits and stuff like that with our incredible host, Matt O’Brien who we’re sure is very happy this is over.