There comes a point at this festival when your body no longer feels like the wonderfully complex biological mass that it is, and more like a pile of meat that’s been soaking in vodka in the sun for three days. That point is now.

But before I found myself in front of the computer, half-naked, and cursing quietly under my breath for agreeing to keep doing these blogs even though it’s the start of a long weekend, we had some authentic festival fun.

Our day began with a very fun chat with the legendary Tom Green, then an equally filmed discussion with Roast Battle beauty, K. Trevor Wilson. We’ll show all of it to you later, but in the meantime you gotta check out last night’s Roast Battle episode where K. Trev represented Canada and obliterated his American counterpart in front of an insanely proud Montreal audience. Check this:

It was then time to hit up the Just For Laughs Awards, a meaningless celebration of the year’s most available talent. Not that we’re complaining as we got to see J.B. Smoove, Alec Berg & Mike Judge, Maria Bamford, Sebastian Maniscalco, Judd Apatow, Aziz Ansari, Nick Kroll, and John Mulaney. We set ourselves up on the red carpet for some interviews, which like every other video we’ve been shooting, will be available at a later date probably when you don’t care anymore. 

We were late getting to JFL Homegrown only to find it was completely sold out, which sucks hard because we heard it was great. Congrats to Nigel Grinstead for taking home the championship, and kudos to the other comics for competing and not sulking about it after (as far as we know).

We saw Pat Thornton tape an insanely funny half hour set at Club Soda, making us proud and reminding me how much I miss Hotbox.

Then we went to this big Funny Or Die midnight party, which is what led to the opening paragraph of this post. Will I have enough energy to post tomorrow? Tune in and find out!