We spent the better part of Thursday morning refilling our bodies with nutrients and fluids following a late night of poisoning our bodies with free poison from the first of many open bar opportunities. Once our eyes cleared up we headed over to Club Soda where our digital correspondent Matt O’Brien was rehearsing for his Just For Laughs: All Access gala taping.

We forced Matt to get some interviews with Jackie Pirico, Sara Hennessey, and more before meeting up with Chris Locke for what’s become an annual tradition: Hitting up the food trucks with a camera and seeing how much free stuff we can get.

Stay tuned for the full video!

After that I ate a banana and bought a new microphone cord, which is worth pointing out because we don’t want to give you the impression that our trip is all glitz and glamour.

We checked out the Grace Helbig / Mamrie Hart hosted All Access gala, which was an awesome time complete with this well-constructed wheel:

But the biggest thingy of the day was Roast Battle, which had its highly anticipated premiere last night at 10ep. To celebrate, Comedy and Comedy Central threw a bangin’ party at the hotel that had food, drinks, branded napkins, and a DJ set from Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning. Things got extremely Canadian when Russell Peters stepped up to the ones and twos, inspiring the whole party to dance like crazy.

Of course we taped TONIGHT’S episode of Roast Battle at L’Astral and we really wish we could tell you what happened, especially because Letterkenny’s K Trevor Wilson entered the competition to a raucous hometown crowd.

You seriously don’t want to miss it tonight at 10ep. While you wait patiently, check out last night’s opening round below. If you’re the type who thinks everything is too “PC” these days, you’re going to love it because even we can’t believe it’s allowed on TV.