It’s almost 11am ET in beautiful Montreal, and nary a sound can be heard at the Hyatt Regency hotel where the bulk of Just For Laughs performers and industry types are tucked into their well-made beds, heads spinning from last night’s open bar.

We landed yesterday to find our eager marketing team presiding over our neon sign-lit Twitter lounge where many of the fest’s top dudes and dudettes will be stopping by to do silly stuff. For example, we asked Matt O’Brien--JFL comic, Much Creator, and guy who will be hosting some videos for us while we’re here—to show us his latest text convo. He did not disappoint:

We took Matt out to the Hyatt patio to test our camera gear that thankfully didn’t explode on the flight over, only to find a gaggle of other, more famous YouTube stars surrounding beautifully chilled bottles of champagne and beer while appearing to have a lot of fun.

Once night fell we took to the many venues of JFL for some actual comedy, including Club Soda where the bulk of Just For Laughs: All Access season 5 is being taped. We saw acts like Jay Pharaoh, Chris Locke, and Mike Ward rip it up while turning our noses up at any members of the general public who don’t have awesome festival all access passes like we do.

Roast Battle number one taped last night and when you see it you’ll laugh so hard that it will force a number two right out of you. If you thought that was gross then you wouldn’t survive ten seconds in the toilet closet at Katacombes where we checked out Andy Kindler’s alternative show. It was amazing as always with unhinged sets from Scott Thompson, Joe Mande, Sara Hennessey, Janeane Garofolo and more.

If you’re not here we feel bad for you, but don’t forget you can watch Roast Battle tonight at 10ep on Comedy to get a pretty good feel for how crazy things are around here. Until tomorrow, stay hydrated and don’t barf.