Donald Trump counts gun nuts, KKK members, conspiracy theorists, misogynists, uninformed poor people, and Scott Baio as fans, but some of his fiercest supporters come from the mystical world of Christianity. In recent times it’s been totally natural for evangelicals to dedicate their prayers to the Republican candidate who usually upholds the values of Christianity by stopping women from getting abortions and gay people from getting married. But this time around, it feels unnatural for the religious right to be celebrating a guy who’s had three wives, owned several casinos, and misquotes the Bible.
It’s the type of story that warrants further investigation, so while in Cleveland for the RNC, Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper tried to figure why Christians are so into a guy whose stats aren’t very Christian. After talking to some enthusiastic convention-goers who love their neighbours unless they’re Muslim, Klepper sat down with Pastor Mark Burns who delivered the benediction to open the event. As expected, he has a hard time justifying his support, but thanks to the old “paid for past sins” loophole, Burns remains convinced that Trump is the man God selected to lead the world toward what will certainly be the apocalypse.
Watch below and tune in tonight at 11ep when The Daily Show wraps up their Cleveland trip before heading to Philadelphia for the Democratic Convention.