There’s really no point in my writing this. If you’re a comedy fan who lives in Toronto then you probably already have your JFL42 pass, and if you don’t you’ve probably bought one in the past and are regularly updated on festival news with emails that you haven’t bothered unsubscribing from.
If you don’t like comedy then you arrived at this web page by accident and are frantically attempting to click away so that you can get on with your life and find out more about “42 Jeffs” or whatever it is you were trying to actually Google.
But if for some reason this website is your only source of news because you’re trapped in a closet with a nothing but a case of granola bars and a computer monitor that your captor has set to then I suppose this one’s for you.
JFL42 announced the remainder of its already impressive festival lineup, and they aren’t the kind of acts that will make you shrug in vain ignorance. Appearing this September in Toronto will be Kumail Nanjiani, Sinbad, Jake and Amir, Dana Gould, Gary Gulman, Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson; W. Kamau Bell, and Rachid Badouri! A lineup this diverse means you have no excuse not to go unless you have major surgery planned.
Click on each to learn more about them and CLICK HERE to find out how you can get your pass and take advantage of the fest’s unique credit system that basically allows you to see EVERYTHING without paying for everything.