If you claim you don’t care about American politics it’s still not a bad idea to stay in the loop in case our southern neighbours eventually explode themselves and are forced to immigrate northward, taking up residence in our high school gyms and abandoned asbestos mines. So even though Hillary Clinton’s choice of running mate is safe, boring, male, and white, it’s probably worth getting to know him as he may show up to your door begging for milk in a year’s time.
In the following web extra from
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, the Bee herself introduces us to Senator Tim Kaine, the presumptive vice presidential nominee who ain’t afraid to pepper a little Spanish into his speeches, much to the chagrin of ardent right wingers. We’re shocked they didn’t take him to task for not wearing a tie during his introductory address, which made him look like a Vice Principal who believes he’s “keeping it real”.

Catch a brand new Full Frontal August 1 at 10ep where Sam and the fam will likely provide a scathing review of the “action” from this election year’s convention scene.