A city that includes the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has no trouble attracting middle-aged white guys, but that didn’t stop Cleveland from hosting the Republican National Convention where Donald Trump is poised to officially become a presidential candidate. A circus of this magnitude is impossible for sharp-tongued news skewers to ignore, which is why the team at Full Frontal is currently en route to the Forest City to show us what’s going down at the gathering of the orange clown.
Their journey has been documented and will be aired in a conveniently-packaged half hour special episode tomorrow at 10:30ep on Comedy. If you’re the skeptical type, here’s a quick look at what to expect:

While it appears that the RNC is running smooth so far, some citizens of Believeland weren’t so confident that everything would stay in place like Donald Trump’s cursed-spider spun hair. The police are saying they’re not properly equipped to handle a Trump storm that includes open-carry wack jobs brandishing big guns in the name of freedom, amid Trump protestors whom open-carry wack jobs have little patience for. Combine this recent unease between the public and the police, and things are looking pretty scary for local law enforcement, and citizens of the city.  
It’s a far cry from the snooze fest Cleveland expected when it signed up two years ago, fully expecting a tepid celebration of Jeb Bush. In any case, the city is trying its best, and as Samantha Bee found out, they “Mostly Got This”.