Here at the Comedy Network, we waste a lot of money on things like a billiard table that was supposedly once spat on by Jim Belushi, and a pizza party whenever one of us gets an email from our mother. But every so often we spend our considerable fortune on something worthwhile, and today we are proud to reveal that we’ve dropped several thousand clams on creating a televised adaptation of famous Canadian news satire website, The Beaverton!
This summer we’ll be shooting a brand new half-hour series before a live studio audience right here in Toronto, the capital of Canada. How are we going to turn a website into a TV show? After briefly considering shooting a computer screen and treating home viewers to a customized scroll-through, we decided to take a more elaborate route and turn The Beaverton into a full-fledged fake news program complete with anchors, correspondents, and flashy graphics that kind of look like flying metal.  
The show will be helmed by co-anchors
Emma Hunter (MATCH GAME, JFL: ALL ACCESS) and Miguel Rivas (acclaimed sketch troupes Tony Ho, Get Some), and a rotating cast of correspondents featuring some of Canada’s top comedians.
“The Beaverton was started by a band of misfits who believed that comedy was the quickest path to truth and wanted to create a voice  that was angry, smart, and above all, funny,” said Luke Gordon Field, Editor-in-Chief, “To have the opportunity to work with Pier 21 Films and The Comedy Network to develop and expand that voice on television is a dream come true for all of us.”
And fear not, web-heads, the current Beaverton website isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’ll be refreshed with exclusive digital-only content in the form of podcasts, videos, and their always funny articles.

Pretty good huh? Stay tuned all summer long as we bring you the latest news on The Beaverton, which is poised to become synonymous with Canadian News/Humour institutions like Peter Mansbridge and Mike Bullard.