In a recent interview with Louis C.K., the comedian sang the praises of Samantha Bee, who he claims is differentiating herself from her male late night counterparts by embracing her anger while stifling her smugness.
"This is the new thing with her: She’s not smug. All of these guys, even Jon Stewart, who’s a fucking genius, he would get upset but he always stayed cool. Guys like to be a little above it. They like to be in control. Even after ranting, they suddenly calm down and smile. But Samantha doesn’t do that. She’s really fucking mad! She’s like, Yes, I am a fucking feminist! She’s right about everything that I see her talk about. She’s by far the most interesting as far as, here’s my take on this shit that everybody else is chewing on."

It’s hard to disagree with Louis, especially after last night’s Full Frontal where Bee opened the show with a passionate seven minute piece on the mass shooting in Orlando. A visibly seething Bee forcefully demanded less prayer and more action on gun control that will make it harder for psychopaths to simply walk into a store and leave with an assault rifle. 

The entire late night universe found it near impossible to make jokes in light of the tragedy, but that didn’t stop them from trying to make sense of it all. Check out statements and reactions from these other fine programs:

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