The bulk of our late night lineup took a break this week because they’re lazy, unappreciative divas who wouldn’t know hard work if it slapped them in their gold-plated faces. We’re of course joking about the last part, but are totally serious about the break thing, which sucks because our favourite shows haven’t been on, but rules because it means the hosts aren’t dead, just resting.
Even during downtime, Full Frontal’s Sam Bee manages to keep her face in the public space by releasing Internet-only videos as a constant reminder of how good she is. Today she released another edition of Letters to Sam, where she reads real deal questions for real deal humans who are eager to find out things like her vices and her Sailor Moon costume.
That’s really all you need to know before watching this video but since there’s plenty more space in our text editor, here’s a quirky fact: Did you know that owls can’t burp?

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