Remember in Star Wars when the wizard men used their space magic to force bad guys to do stuff they didn’t want to do? Jimmy Kimmel has a similar power, only he uses it to mildly suggest the American public do stuff he wants them to do for his own amusement. This past Father’s Day, Kimmel once again stuck it to the daddies of the U.S.A. by challenging children to film themselves doing something naughty to their papas. If you’re not familiar with the tradition, the show put together a highlight reel of past pranks that should bring you up to speed:

This time Kimmel used the classic father/child activity of playing catch as inspiration for his YouTube challenge. He put out a call to sons and daughters of the world to ask their dads to play catch when they were least expecting it, resulting in a delightful montage of things being thrown at unsuspecting men of all ages.

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