American politicians may be sitting on their money-scented hands when it comes to gun control, but comedians of the U.S.A. have been working overtime to convince their nation that less guns means more fun.
Amy Schumer has been on the front lines of the debate ever since a gunman in Louisiana opened fire during a screening of her movie, Trainwreck. In the wake of the tragedy she’s worked with her real life cousin, Senator Chuck Schumer, to try to get SOMETHING done to lessen the chances that you’ll die of a gunshot while doing anything, anywhere in America. 
Despite their efforts, it’s been impossible to pass any gun law in America thanks to the NRA, and though Amy can’t change laws, she can influence people using her wit. After the horrific mass shooting in Orlando, Schumer decided to drop a previously deleted sketch from Inside Amy Schumer’s recently completed fourth season to once again show how stupid things are right now.

In the sketch, Jon Benjamin plays Toby Shrak of the Shrak and Murphy Law Firm who create an ad to inform gun violence victims that there’s nothing they can do. Hopefully people of the future will watch this sketch and find it extremely silly, but for now it’s yet another stark reminder that our border buddies have a long way to go before people stop getting shot. Enjoy!