Fact: Canada shares its birthday with Letterkenny creator and star Jared Keeso. Totally random coincidence? More like the cosmos relaying a demand to mark the occasion in a unique and memorable way. This July 1, we’re taking our cues from the good people of Letterkenny and celebrating in small town Canadian style. Whether you’re a genuine Hick, Skid, or Hockey Player—or just someone who’s run into one of these Canadian stereotypes during a roadside emergency bathroom break on the way back to Toronto—feel free to borrow one of our Jared Keeso Day/Canada Day activity ideas in order to make the most of it:
Hosting a party at your place? Be sure to set the right tone with themed decorations, drinks, and snacks. Your friends will appreciate your effort.

Visit a puppy assembly line. Actually, this is a great activity for any day of the year. Kids, especially, will love learning about where puppies come from.

Dance like no one’s watching. Do it long enough and they’ll probably stop staring eventually.

This one’s critical: don’t settle for less than the finest Canadian brand beer available. If someone hands you an American brew, send it back where it came from. Then defriend them across all social media platforms. Let us know if you need the number for the internet.

Plan on putting back something harder than beer? Don’t do it alone. Do shots with friends. Extra points if you synchronize it.

Loosen the skate lace you’ve been using to keep your pants up and settle in for hour upon hour of excellent comedy programming. July 1 is when Comedy is hosting a Letterkenny marathon, beginning at 9ep.


So whether you decide to go hard…

Or keep it supersoft...

Here’s to having the greatest Canada Day ever! Until next year.