We’ve been covering late night coverage of the degradation of the apparently once great United States for some time now, so it was as refreshing as an ice cold Tizer on the last bank holiday of the summer to watch reaction to Brexit, the UK gaffe that further proves Canada is the only sane country left in the world.
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee was all over the referendum that allowed British xenophobes to force the UK out of the EU, thus damaging the world economy and the future of young commonwealthers. In the opening segment of last night’s brand new eppy (British for “episode”) Bee does a good job summing up the “Leavers” campaign and how it managed to convince mostly white Brits to give the EU the FU using propaganda and lies. It’s left the country in turmoil and has many who voted to leave regretting their decision because they were unaware their decision would have an impact on the decision. Huh? Yeah. Seriously.

The Brexit result had many stateside panicking that an inherently stupid and ill-advised campaign based on lies and fear could actually be successful thanks to legions of people susceptible to lies and fear. Donald Trump has managed to focus the current presidential race on immigration just as Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson did during their unfortunately successful Brexit campaign. Could the Brexit result be a crooked-toothed omen foretelling an America led by Donald Trump? 

You all should’ve heeded our warning when we somehow elected Rob Ford! Instead you laughed and encouraged his destructive behaviour by parading him on your talk shows. Please listen this time. 

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