Besides a sword wrapped in snakes, a gun is the most dangerous killing machine a human can arm themselves with, so it makes sense that a large portion of Americans want less gun, more fun. But it’s been mighty difficult for the anti-gun crowd to make any progress because of the existence of the National Rifle Association, a club of oddballs who seem to value American death as much as American life.
The debate is one again sizzling like an American hamburger on an American BBQ attended by Americans with guns in their shorts, thanks to a slew of recent shootings that were facilitated by loose laws that allow huge idiots to easily buy assault rifles. Senate Democrats staged a filibuster last week to argue for gun control, and though we don’t fully know what that means, we do know that Republicans like Ted Cruz helped quell their efforts like they normally do because the NRA told them to.
Sam Bee and the Full Frontal team were watching and cheering on the heroic gun-haters, and probably managed to write all of last night’s excellent new show during the 15-hour thingy. On said show, Bee summarized the filibuster and provided a bit of background on the NRA’s relationship with Republicans, which as it turns out, hasn’t always been the f**k fest it is today. Watch!