A lot of people assume that because we’re a black-souled major media conglomerate, we don’t have the feelings, hopes and dreams that an organic lifeform has. In reality, we’re quite emotional, especially when it comes to Canadian comedy. We wish that we could feature every hilarious comic in Canada on our critically-acclaimed stand-up show, Just For Laughs: All Access, but we simply don’t have the time and resources to do so. Thankfully, there are plenty of comedy nuts out there who help fill the gap to bring fellow comedy nuts the best this country has to offer.
One such entity is Brothers DePaul Media who’ve shot a stand-up series of their own called Comedy in the X, which features coming acts doing comedy in spots that aren’t usually spots where comedy happens. Earlier this week they released the latest instalment called Comedy in the Wolf Den, which doesn’t take place in an actual wolf den but will have you howling with laughter nonetheless.
This puppy is hosted by Jordan Foisy and includes hot jokes from Marito Lopez, Ashley Moffatt, and Pat Thornton. Check it out below and have a great dinner tonight!