What Canada lacks in palm trees, spice bazaars, and volcanoes, it more than makes up for in strong, proud national symbols. While most non-Canadians wouldn’t be able to point out Red Sucker Lake on a map like we can, they no doubt recognize the mighty beaver, the soothing maple leaf, and the nondescript Canadian horse. But what they and even some Canadians don't know is that there exists a trove of unheralded, yet very official nation symbols that deserve to be tattooed to the shoulders of our citizens alongside the ubiquitous moose giving the finger.
In celebration of Canada’s 149th birthday, we’d like to bring some of these lesser known symbols to your attention to give you something to drunkenly claim is true before your bud starts firing roman candles at everyone at the party. Happy Birthday Big Mama!

National Footwear - Old Leather Boot with Cigarette Butt Stuck To Sole


National Sword - 
Cross Country Ski Pole That’s Been In Rafters Of Garage Forever

National Gun - 1991 Supersoaker 50

National Hat The Free One That Came With The 2-4

National ExerciseWigglin’

National Fishing Bait - Salt and Vinegar Chips From Between Couch Cushions

National Name For A Pet Goat - Trent

National Name For A Farm Goat - Marie-Claude

National Bedtime - After Supper

National Mode Of Transportation - River Tube

National River Tube - Truck Inner Tube

National Home Remedy - Vitamin D (A Dart, A Donut, A Donair)