Admittedly, this post is somewhat flawed for two reasons: For one, Twitter’s heyday is in the rearview mirror, but more importantly there are thousands of hilarious Canadians who dole out free jokes on Twitter daily whom we don’t have the time or space to promote in one single blog post.
The following list is also extremely subjective so consider it a starting point to discovering Canadian talent that you have yet to discover. We encourage you to dig deep into Twitter, YouTube and any other thingy that lets creatives show off their stuff to find more Canadians to enjoy on the Canada Day long weekend!
Mark Little

Mark’s been on TV shows (Mr. D, Picnicface), won accolades (Variety’s 10 Comics To Watch 2013), and has performed stand-up, improv and sketch all over the place. Check out his feed for stuff that’s the good kind of weird, including some incredible poems and raps.  

Sara Hennessey
The best way to experience Sara Hennessey is live on stage, or on her debut stand-up album,
Trouble In Saradise. But her Twitter gives a pretty good idea of what makes her such a joy to watch. 

Monica Heisey

Heisey is now a successful author and TV writer, so it’s only a matter of time before she takes the next step and buys a basketball team. 

Graham Clark and Dave Shumka

The duo behind the hilarious Stop Podcasting Yourself podcast are just as good at typing jokes as they are saying them into a microphone. 

Pat Thornton

If you’re interested in Mario Lopez, Toronto weather, and casual life updates then follow Pat Thornton who’s been funny for a very long time while also being one of the most philanthropic comics around. 

Katie Crown
Katie lives in L.A. now where she’s been doing voices for some amazing cartoons like Adventure Time and Bob’s Burgers, and human acting on Kroll Show and Nathan For You. You’ll be able to hear her voice through much bigger speakers in the fall because she landed a major role in Storks, an animated film starring Andy Samberg.   

Stephanie Kaliner

Steph’s got a cartoon she created in the works called Sprinkle and the Sweet Sugar Magics and even though it’s for kids, her comedy is very good for adults. 

Steven Risk
This open mic comic from Oakville, Ontario is not a real man but is the mysterious creation of a person or persons who’ve developed one of the more pleasantly odd fake Twitter accounts in recent memory. In his brief history online Risk has got addicted to cigarettes, got rabies from a possum, been reduced to an animal state, admitted to having overactive saliva glands, and tried to join the army, all while being obsessed with L.A. and Marc Maron. 

Jonathan Torrens
JT’s been in the biz for a couple decades now, starring in memorable Canadian shows like Street Cents, Jonovision, Mr. D, and Trailer Park Boys. If you didn’t already know it, he and former Our Lady Peace Drummer Jeremy Taggart host an amazing podcast dedicated to “Canadianity” that is a MUST listen this Canada Day weekend or any weekend for that matter. He’s got a tight Twitter game with hilarious tweets, and kindly calls for help including a successful campaign to raise money for those affected by the Fort McMurray wild fires.