Today is 2016’s only Friday the 13th, so chances are it will be extra terrible. But will it go down in history as one of the more memorable Friday the thirteenths? Check out this list of famous demon days and compare it to how crappy today ends up being!
January 1984
Wall Street, cocaine, new wave music, neon clothes—the eighties had it all. This particular Friday the 13th is well-known for having spooked a young genius named Steve Jobs into releasing his Macintosh personal computer early after a witch whispered “Do It” into his ear.
April 1990
The turn of the decade brought new hopes and dreams to an already prosperous generation. But with a comet having passed Earth a few days prior, this Friday the 13th led many to hide their first born in the cellar, which many say inspired the coming grunge era.
August 1943
With most of the world trying to kill him, Adolf Hitler saw Friday the 13th as a golden opportunity to harness the power of bad luck and evil. He sent three thousand black cats into the front lines against allied forces and fitted his bombers with mirrors to drop on unsuspecting enemies.

Frig off!

October 1961
The sixties weren’t yet swingin’ in ’61, but a Friday the 13th ahead of Halloween on which director Peter Jackson was born established a radical new vibe that would continue to fester well into the decade.  
September 1935
Howard Hughes sets a new airspeed record, claiming he was forced to achieve the 352 mph in order to escape a horde of tiny flying grubs that exploded out of his calendar at the stroke of midnight.
July 1900
Citizens of the world were frightened that the luck of the new millennium would be quickly abolished with the dawn of Friday the 13th. In reaction, most governments recommended bathing in garlic and keeping any twins away from major crops.

Traditional garlic foot bath

May 1977
Legendary film Star Wars opened on May 25th to the disappointment of George Lucas who wanted it debuted on Friday the 13th, which is the date he based Darth Vader on.
May 1988
The first known computer virus was invented in November of this year, and many believe a hacker created it after a girl he liked dumped a milkshake on his head on Friday the 13th.
February 2012
I don’t know about you guys but I was so scared!
September 1912
The U.S. decided to send aid to revolution-threatened Santo Domingo. It probably wouldn’t have happened without the recommendation of President Taft’s exorcist who was always on his game on Friday the 13th.  
November 1964
An ad exec makes a bold move by airing a Lucky Strike cigarette ad during the evening news. The ad works and makes Lucky Strike the number one brand in North America and yet bad luck strikes its loyal fans when it’s later revealed that smoking causes a horrible new disease called cancer.
March 1992
Eight guests get alcohol poisoning at Danny Masterson’s bangin’ sweet sixteen birthday party.

Happy b-day big guy

June 1997
People rejoice as Infamous Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh absorbs most of the day’s bad luck and is sentenced to death.