That headline was designed to entice you into reading this post, and to complete the process of teased content, we will wait until the end of the blog to deliver what it promises.
First, we need to contextualize. Samantha Bee--host of Full Frontal and the hottest television commodity since ads about sliced bread--sat down with Conan O’Brien for a traditional talk show appearance on Conan’s show, Conan.
As part of the chat, Bee revealed to Conan why she doesn’t use a desk, which like a microphone, suit, and penis, has long been considered an essential tool of a late night host. 

In this next clip, it is revealed that Bee and her hubby Jason Jones recently because American citizens, and now that it’s official she’s become fully invested in making America whatever it was before it was what it is now. 

Okay, onto the blowjob part. 

You’re totally allowed to watch Conan on Much, weeknights at 12:30E / 9:30P and can catch up online by accessing this website URL.
And don’t forget to watch Full Frontal, Mondays at 10:30ep on Comedy!