The idea of living Internet-free is scary to most and utterly unfathomable to anyone under the age of, oh let’s say… twenty-five. Forty-eight year old Louis C.K. has vague recollections of what the world was like pre-web, and recently got the urge to go back in time when he realized that the Internet can be a mean and frustrating place. Though he didn’t admit it, it was also a ripe opportunity to mine new stand-up material, which you may be able to experience live on his upcoming tour.
The only reason we know about this tour and this Internet thing is because of the following Internet video where C.K. sits down with Jimmy Fallon for a fairly typical talk show chat. He talks about his Internet-free lifestyle held intact by his ten year old daughter, and how it’s enabled him to reengage with humanity and even start reading books again.

After plugging noted author Jane Austen, C.K. also shouts out our very own Samantha Bee and her very own Full Frontal. This post has meandered a bit but the themes are intact: Internet, Louis C.K., Samantha Bee, Tonight Show, Jane Austen. Let’s have a watch:


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