This week, Jimmy Kimmel Live! used its considerable clout to bring both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders to Hollywood for separate chats about the same old things they’ve been chatting out for the past million months while trying to become presidential nominees.
Trump was on two nights ago, and so as not to perpetuate the insane amount of media coverage he receives, we’ll only show you a couple clips from the show that don’t include any actual Trump.
Here’s a bit where the Kimmel team imagines Trump as a contestant in the national spelling bee. The casting was spot on because you really get the urge to throw something at this kid, like you do when you see the real Trump.

And here’s another edition of the Kimmel Klassic, Lie Witness News, in which people on the street are asked about phony happenings in the world of Trump to hilarious results.

It was pretty cool when Bernie Sanders stormed the scene and became an unlikely challenger to Hillary Clinton, but as this campaign crawls along at the pace of Bernie crawling along, we’re getting kind of sick of him. Here are a couple clips from his appearance last night that aren’t as stale as his rhetoric.
In this one Sanders answers an actual question from Donald Trump that shows the two men are sort of on the same page when it comes to the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton:

And to bring it altogether, here’s both Sanders AND Trump featured in a simple bit that should generate some simple laughs.