The first trailer for the Paul Feig’s new Ghostbusters movie was met with more virtual thumbs down than any other trailer in Internet history. Maybe it was because of editing that caused confusion over where this new movie fits into the overall Ghostbusters universe. But more likely it was due to the expectation that a new Ghostbusters movie trailer would be just as funny, nostalgic and unflawed as the original 1984 film that’s had the advantage of years of ripening in the hearts of the boys who hold it as precious as childhood sleepovers and ridin’ bikes through the mud.
There’s even one white male nerd who’s somehow made news recently by being flat out offended that the new Ghostbusters is watering down his sacred nostalgia, and is refusing to review it on whatever it is that he reviews things on.  Riding on the wave of publicity that this dweeb has inadvertently given the film, the studio has released a brand new trailer today that shows off more ghosts, more bustin’ and a peak at one of the franchises most iconic thingies that'll really piss this guy off. Let’s watch together: 

No matter what you think of the trailer, let’s not forget all the hilarious people behind it who will ensure you’ll have at least a decent time at the theatre come June 15. See you later!