It’s kind of hard writing these introductory paragraphs to Full Frontal clips because the show often tackles very sensitive subjects that don’t sound funny at all until Sam Bee clutches them in her Canadian paws and bats them around like a badger with a bean. Last time we encouraged you to watch a segment on abortions, so this time around we decided to feature something a bit more lighthearted. It’s something we Canadians always find hilarious—American politics!
By now you’ve probably heard of Super PACs and their role in ensuring the outcome of a presidential election has more to do with money than reasonable debate and actual democracy. Those who dislike the concept of Super PACs are quick to direct hatred toward those who raise a small country’s GDP worth of money for a candidate, but they tend to forget that these advantage-taking millionaires are human too. What happens to those who put so much money and effort into exploiting an unnecessary part of the electoral process only to come up short? Sam Bee found out.
One guy who knows all about money for nothing is Mel Immergut, a rich dude who raised millions for the Jeb Bush campaign only to watch it go down in money-coloured flames. It was a familiar outcome for Immergut whose efforts in raising dough for the failed Mitt Romney campaign led to great disappoint and trips to self-reflective trips Thailand and South America. Poor guy.
For OUR money, there’s nothing better than Bee chattin’ with chooches, so please relax and enjoy the segment where we learn why the Bush campaign failed and how it can effect someone who can’t seem to buy a break: