The collective hearts of the comedy world have been aching in the weeks since the untimely passing of Patton Oswalt’s wife, Michelle McNamara. When a comedian experiences tragedy they’re put in a strange position where they’re at some point expected to be funny again, which for many isn’t that difficult because comedy is often a form of catharsis.

It could be some time until Oswalt will turn this horrible time into positive creativity, which made last night’s Full Frontal special—it featured a segment starring the comedian that was shot prior to that life-altering day, which he reflected on in this tweet from yesterday:

Remember that Full Frontal story on Rape Kits? Well, Rape Kit de-funder Renee Unterman has continued her war on progress by funding anti-abortion centres in the state of Georgia. These “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” operate under the guise of abortion clinics only to frighten women into aborting their abortion.

We know the subject matter of this blog has been pretty deep for a channel called “Comedy”, but trust us, you’ll definitely laugh as well as learn thanks to Oswalt and the Full Frontal team: