Encased in a Canadian Tuxedo, The Daily Show’s Hasan Minhaj traveled smoothly into our nation’s capital to find out why we’re so cool with letting Syrian refugees waltz in and set up shop.
Yesterday we showed you part one of his expedition where he talked to a group of real beauty Canadian citizens about our willingness to help out, and also a refugee family who are totally digging their new digs. But the main event went down last night when Minhaj gained access to our top guy, biggest celebrity, and sexiest man alive, Justin Trudeau.
Things almost got ugly off the top with Minhaj threatening to roast Trudeau, only to be met with a cute yet assertive counter threat from baby blue eyes. Once they got down to business, Trudeau communicated his philosophy of inclusion, and didn’t fall prey to Minhaj’s statement that our refugee policy could create an “Ice ISIS”.
Check out the FULL adventure below, or fast forward to around 5:25 if you've already watched the thing from two nights ago and only want to Trudeau stuff.