For four seasons, HBO’s Veep was easily the funniest show about American politics out there, but since Season 4 wrapped last year it’s been usurped by the reality show that is the presidential primaries.

With Veep’s fifth season premiering this Sunday at 10:30PM ET/MT and the nomination process’ narrative moving from silly and ridiculous to bleak and frightening, we’re confident that Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Co. will retain the crown. Once again we’ll be able to laugh at the silliness in Washington without having to worry about it actually affecting the future of the world!

Last season ended with an electoral tie in the presidential battle between JLD’s Selina Meyer, and Hugh Laurie’s Tom James. Since the show is called “Veep” and not “Prez”, we’re assuming that Selina will somehow end up back in the VP position, but the show is so good and smart that they’ll find some unexpected twist to toss in, like when they made her president in the first place.

To remind you of, or introduce you to, just how funny this show is, please enjoy the following clip from last season that perfectly displays why we love it. This clip and everything else that happened in Season 4 is now fully available on Blu-ray so head to a store or website that sells such things and binge away!