Now that Prince is no longer with us, the world has begun to sort through its collective Prince inventory to unearth hidden gems and forgotten artifacts for all to enjoy. One of the latest treasures is courtesy of Simpsons showrunner Al Jean, who recently tweeted out pages of an unproduced script from 1993 that would’ve starred Prince had the Purple Man not rejected it.
According to websites who already did the research, the episode was written by Conan O’Brien and would’ve acted as a sequel to “Stark Raving Dad”, the third season classic that featured an uncredited cameo from Michael Jackson. The plan was to bring back the Leon Kompowsky character who would now believe himself to be Prince rather than the King of Pop.
Check out the three revealved pages below that include Lisa trying to buy Prince tickets, a meeting between Prince and Selma, and Prince presenting the family with a selection of gifts. 

Prince may have never made an actual cameo, but in twenty six seasons there were a couple nods to the Minnesota native, most notably this classic Milhouse moment with his crosstown rival: