If you’ve already spent this week’s allowance on lollipops and candy apples, and can’t afford to visit the cinema for the premiere of Keanu on Friday, then we can’t help you unless you’re looking to part with any of those lollipops or candy apples. What we can do is continue to provide you with access to Key & Peele’s ongoing promotional tour for the movie, which made a triumphant stopover at Daily Show Station last night.
We encourage you to watch the full episode where you’ll be able to see the infectious pair do a bit with Jordan Klepper in the first segment before settling in for a traditional interview with Trevor Noah. We were hoping he’d ask the boys more about the adorable kitten whom the movie is named for—questions like:
How many kittens were used during filming?
Where are those kittens now?
How old are the kittens?
Who owns the kittens?
What are the kittens’ real names?

None of that came up but we did learn whether the title purposely referenced John Wick, the inspiration behind the film, and the meaning of ‘code-switching’.
Before settling in for a viewing, we’d like to remind you that there’s still time left to enter Much’s Keanu contest where you could win a trip to Los Angeles, California, the land of sun and surgically improved faces.