Most college and university brochures are chock full of pictures featuring students happily immersed in giant textbooks, playing intramural sports, and smiling while hanging out in the library. Sure, all those things have probably happened at some point on every campus, but one thing that's a guarantee is that all these students have spent more time playing video games (and trying to have sex) than studying.
That’s why this latest edition of Conan’s Clueless Gamer pairs with its guests like extremely cheap wine and dorm room hotplate macaroni. Teaming up with Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising stars Seth Rogen and Zac Efron, Conan tests out Mario Kart 8 with some added stakes: the loser of each race must have a penis drawn on his face so long as it complies with standards and practices. You can probably guess who ends up with the dicked-up mug by the end.

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