As late night comedy’s sole female representative, it’s expected that Samantha Bee take on important women’s issues, just as late night men like Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert are champions of more blades on our razors and fatter steaks on our dinner plates.

In Full Frontal’s brief and so far amazing history, abortion--specifically access to abortion in the U.S.--has been a common subject that Bee can speak to with authority because she’s a woman. But the fact that they don’t have uteruses hasn’t stopped elderly males in states like Texas from declaring themselves women’s health experts, which has led to an increasingly bleak situation for any woman seeking a safe procedure.

On last night’s episode, Bee investigated those who are trying to, and have pretty much succeeded in stopping access to abortions in Texas, including a state representative who Bee gleefully debated.  

She also talks to someone trying to undo years of laws and regulations that have made it next to impossible to get an abortion in Texas, which as she find out, is a major uphill battle. It’s been so tough for the liberal, pro-choice side that Bee called in some heavies to help out, INCLUDING the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Shark! Check it...

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