It’d be pretty easy for a late night comedy host to parade a bunch of Duck Dynasty-worshippin’, camouflage flag-wavin’ Donald Trump supporters in front of a camera and make them look silly to generate cheap laughs--but where’s the challenge in that?
Samantha Bee has already proven herself to be a formidable force in late night and on yester-eve’s program she took a more challenging approach to lampooning Trump supporters by bringing in some who were somewhat intelligent and thoughtful.
Bee sought to find out why, despite Trump-centric violence erupting at political rallies across America, and warnings from the whole world that a Trump presidency could destroy the planet, people stull support him—even people who aren’t white! 
In the spirit of fairness, Bee held a judgement-free conversation and even provided a lavish cocktail party for her invited guests, who were awfully quick to defend their golden-faced god. Wanna see?

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