According to the stats, the first season of Letterkenny has been on a tear since it debuted on CraveTV last month. So much so that it had the biggest debut of any series on Crave ever, beating out the likes of Seinfeld, Billions, Eastbound & Down, and even old seasons of Canada’s Worst Driver.
Those shows are beauties for sure but there’s no denying that Letterkenny has grabbed the country by the horn to become a household name, giving us a whole new language and a fresh appreciation for small town life. Thankfully, the saga has only just begun as it was announced today that Season Two is a go and will begin shooting in Sudbury this spring.
That’s all we know for now, which is more than enough reason to shotgun a few beers in celebration. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the series yet, check it out on CraveTV or wait patiently for it to debut on Comedy later this year.

You can still get your fix by checking out the Letterkenny Problems shorts that started it all, or by buying some sweet merch. And keep checkin’ in with us to find out the latest because we ALWAYS get the scoop.