Queen Samantha Bee and her team of worker drones are currently on a well-deserved vacation following an impressive television debut that saw them become late night legends over a scant seven week period. The good news is that the show will be back on April 11th with fresh takes on injustice, and maybe some trendy new jackets, but the bad news is that the immense heat the show has generated will be allowed to cool somewhat.
Thankfully, TBS is trying to keep the fire going by dropping the following “Vacation Extra” that features Bee's response to her being forced to do something for March Madness--her decision? An expository piece on predatory probation companies! SWISH.
Like most stories on Full Frontal, this segment concerns something going down in the United States that is totally stupid and exploits people for money. It should elicit the same reaction we Canadians get whenever we watch our favourite late night hosts make fun of something crazy in America: first laughing; followed by outrage; then the realization that we don’t live states; leading to immense relief.
Watch immediately and continue to tune your TVs to Full Frontal Mondays at 10:30ep, with new episodes returning April 11. Thank you for listening.