You city folk probably assume that the hicks of small town Ontario are into the same sorta flag-wavin’, beer praisin’, truck braggin’ country tunes that our neighbours down south prefer. While that might true for folks in Kenora or even Ear Falls, the gang in Letterkenny prefer a more diverse array of tunes ideal for sittin’ on the porch or dancing at the Ag Hall.
To show what gets their toes tappin’, Letterkenny’s own Wayne and Daryl have curated a Hick’s Picks playlist through Much’s new Apple Music page featuring songs from the show, some timeless classics and a few surprises.
Check out the tracks below and stay tuned for more Letterkenny-curated lists in the coming weeks!

Don't forget, the full, six-episode first season of Letterkenny is now LIVE on CraveTV!