If you’re planning a drug-fueled weekend with your friends or family and are currently crafting an itinerary to coincide with mind-bending effects that a good psychedelic has to offer, we’ve got something you may want to add to the list.
YouTube user
john hatfield has created “The Simpsons sphere”, a user-controlled, 360° view of over 500 episodes of The Simpsons played simultaneously that will melt your nodes and stroke your cones. It’s a slightly more “far out” version of this flatter video that features the episodes playing on a 2D plane.

We don’t feel there’s anything to add to this story other than news that Fox announced they’ll air a live episode of the show in May, that when combined with this sphere would almost certainly cause a rift in the space time continuum.
You can watch regular, half-hour, 2D, non-live episodes of The Simpsons weekday nights at 8:30ep on Comedy, dude.