There’s always a hope that NHL trade deadline day will deliver the drama with heaps of deals and high-profile blockbusters, but in today’s salary cap era that’s rarely the case. (Stay with us, anti-sport comedy fans)

With a whopping six deals to report today thus far, this year’s deadline has been about as dramatic as Leo’s Oscar win. But while it’s boring for us in the public, it’s incredibly nerve-wracking for players who have to sit around all day to find out if they’re going to have to uproot their families/cats/live-in girlfriends and move to a cruddy new city like Los Angeles. And no matter how minor a major league deal is, it’s guaranteed to get coverage in our vast, hockey-snorting country, so if a player is involved in a trade he’ll have likely to face the media and pretend that he’s excited no matter the situation.

They could learn a lot from Letterkenny boys Jared Keeso and Dylan Playfair, who are back with a new lesson in pro media hockey relations. Today's lesson teaches how to effectively use robotic answers in locker room interviews, which could really come in handy on a day like today. 

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