Feeling blue today? *sigh* Feeling like a wet bag of garbage that’s been sitting in an alley for three weeks and can’t even get attention from the garbage man because someone left you in an alley and not a proper receptacle? *sigh* Feeling like no matter how hard you work in life you inevitably end up on a couch every night, watching TV and movies made by, and starring people who are technically better than you in every way? *sigh**sigh**sigh*  

Don’t worry because in a world where the impossible often feels impossible, miracles do happen and with a little luck it can happen to you too. Here’s this week’s #MondayMotivation:

If Hackers can be re-released on Blu-ray 20 years after it underwhelmed critics and audiences alike, there’s hope for you. If a movie that celebrates the blazing speed of a 28.8 bps modem, turns the world of computer hacking into a hippy version of Tron and co-stars Matthew Lillard can live on through the latest digital format, you’ll probably be okay.