Since the golden age of Canadian talk late night talk shows ended with the demise of Mike Bullard, there hasn’t been much opportunity for homegrown comics to get airtime at bedtime. Now that we’re living in the golden age of the Internet, it’s possible to shoot your own late night talk show without the aid of a studio, a studio audience, a bandleader or a desk, as Much Creator Matt O’Brien has proven with his homemade Late Night Talk Show on a Subway series.
Eager to give his fellow comedians a much-needed late night credit, O’Brien has dedicated an entire show to stand-up, giving some local faves the opportunity to tell one joke each in a Toronto subway car to an audience of whoever happened to be there at the time.
Engage the video below to check out micro-sets from Julia Hladkowicz, Todd Graham, Ashley Moffatt, Monty Scott, John Hastings, Andrew Barr and Chris Locke and hostage by Matt O’Brien as they traverse the tracks of Toronto in the golden age of public transportation.