Have you ever been chillin’ on the floor, scarfin’ on a bowl of olives and watching Comedy while thinking to yourself, “Damn, these guys air a ton of Just For Laughs stand-up.  Whoa, olives are the same texture as a dolphin.” Well, you are 100% correct on both accounts, and while scientists have yet to crack the olive/dolphin connection, we can confirm that the amount of JFL we air is directly congruent to the amount of JFL we have in our vast comedy vault.
We actually have so much that we don’t really know what to do with it, other than air it a million times and burn it to DVD as an inexpensive Christmas gift to our loved ones. That is, until today with the debut of this new weekly feature called “Jokeback Thursday”. In it we’ll expertly embed a Just For Laughs: All Access clip that will make you laugh so hard you’ll think it’s Saturday.
Today we feature the lovable K. Trevor Wilson, the self-described Man-Mountain of Comedy. He’s a successful stand-up comic, a founding member of sketch troupe “Smells Like the 80s”, and one of the stars of Letterkenny, wherein he portrays the deeply 
philosophical Squirrely Dan. He’s a guy who hates winter and loves cereal, and no, we didn’t just guess that, we found out via this very funny clip.
Enjoy, and do come back next week to see if we remember to do another one of these!