Samantha Bee made her triumphant return to major televised entertainment last night with the debut of her new show, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee. If you ignored Comedy’s aggressive advertising and constant reminders that we're airing the show, then you probably missed the big series premiere, which is too bad because due to complicated rights contracts, we can’t provide you with a free digital copy, post-show.

Despite what many of you who take the time to write in and complain about such matters believe, we don’t do it on purpose to make you mad. If we really wanted to make you mad we’d fill the site with think pieces with titles like, “Is Comedy Funny Anymore?”

Anyway, Full Frontal is here and we’re elated. Since we can’t digitize the whole show, we’ll do the next best thing and steal clips from TBS’ YouTube channel that’ll give you a good idea of what the premiere was all about, which was a lot of sharp zings directed toward the dramedy that is the American Presidential election.

But she started off addressing the fact that she’s the only woman on late night and how that came to be:

She also made a Kansas State Senator look silly, Daily Show-style:

There are always good jokes to be mined from the Republican side:


The Democrats are not immune to ridiculousness:


If you’re concerned with using up your bandwith, you can watch a repeat of the premiere on TV this evening at 5:00ep on Comedy!